[ 27. Mai 2010 ]

KONFERENZ – New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Final Call for Participation

From: Andrew Johnston
Date: May 27, 2010 6:07:00 AM GMT+02:00
Subject: New Interfaces for Musical Expression : Final Call for  

New Interfaces for Musical Expression++
University of Technology Sydney, Australia

June 15-18 2010

The University of Technology Sydney is proud to host New Interfaces for
Musical Expression++ 2010 (NIME++ 2010).  The NIME conference has run
annually since 2001.  It examines the design of new technologies for
creative expression, with an emphasis on interaction and music  

NIME is truly a cross-disciplinary event, drawing together artists and
researchers from areas as diverse as composition, design, software
development, engineering, live instrumental performance, interactive art
and many more.  It is an established and well-recognised forum in which
creativity and technology are applied to provide new perspectives on
traditional genres of music and create new forms of audio-visual art.

NIME++ 2010 will feature research paper presentations, demos and
posters, tutorials, a concert series, club night performances and an
exhibition of interactive artworks.

To register for NIME++ 2010 go to:

and select ‚Register & Scholarships‘.  We look forward to your
participation in NIME 2010!

Andrew Johnston, Kirsty Beilharz and Bert Bongers
NIME 2010 co-chairs