[ 28. August 2012 ]

KUNST – „Listen Carefully“ by Jonas Breme

Von: „CreativeApplications.Net“
Betreff: CreativeApplications.Net
Datum: 27. August 2012 16:49:55 MESZ

Listen Carefully – Re-enabling focus in music listening

Created by Jonas Breme, Listen Carefully is about raising awareness about music experience and a critique of digital music consumption aiming to spark debate about how we buy and experience music today. Avoiding passive experience, custom designed pair of headphones allow users to focus by disabling the playback if the user moves thus encouraging focus and time off from other activities.

The times we are living in are fast moving and hectic. Modern technology is altering the way we live, work and consume, supporting a fast and superficial lifestyle. A way to cope with these new challenges is hard to find. Nowadays it seems more and more important to critically reflect on one’s behavior in order to define a viewpoint and find a healthy way to live.

The consumption of music has changed in the recent years, mainly influenced by technological development of media and playback devices. In many situations, music listening has shifted from a main-activity to a side-activity (H. Weber has coined the term passive listening). Music is no longer in the center of our attention, but is heard while focusing on other things. Subsequently, due to the change in perception, music is in danger of degenerating into an unnoticed background noise.

By using a built in accelerometer, digital potentiometer and an Arduino Mini, the headphone lowers the playback volume on juddering movements, “forcing” the user to sit still and relax.

Listen Carefully is one of three design concepts, developed as part of Jonas’ BA thesis about music-listening behavior at the Interface Design program at University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam. The objects and concepts are not to be seen as marked-ready products, but rather as critical design objects aiming to spark debate about today’s forms of consumption.