[ 25. Juli 2010 ]

LANCASTER (UK) – call for (sound) art works, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts

Von: Lisa Whistlecroft
Datum: 19. Juli 2010 23:14:02 MESZ
Betreff: [Sanlist] A call for (sound) art works

Friends, colleagues, artists,

The department that hosts the project that employs me – the Lancaster
Institute for the Contemporary Arts, at Lancaster University in the UK
– is getting a new building. This is due to open in the autumn of
this year.

There is a call for artworks. The web page below says that they must
be art or design-led but this will shortly be updated to say that
proposals can be art- or design-led, and could cover interactive,
digital, sonic, sculptural or land-art works.

Submissions will form an exhibition in the foyer of the new building,
with a selected work to go forward to commission.

Full details are at

The pictures on the building web site http://www.lancs.ac.uk/estates/projects/current_projects.htm#LICA
are a little over-optimistic about the quantity of trees. There is
a very nice small wood immediately in front of the (west-facing)
building and a lot more woodland to the northern side, beyond an
access road – but the distant vistas are less wooded – and the
architect’s impressions also omit some existing buildings adjacent to
the new building.

The campus is a park-land site in a rural location with a mix of
architecture dating from its first build in 1968 up to some fairly
dramatic new buildings. All the buildings at the north end are built
to high eco-standards. The LICA building is entirely timber-framed.
The only real snag for sound art pieces is the constant background
noise of the motorway which runs alongside, to the east of the
campus. It’s far enough to be a constant noise, though, not
individual wagons roaring past!

The proposal submission deadline is 1 October 2010, the launch will be
spring 2011, the fee is £10,000.



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