[ 26. Oktober 2012 ]

LONDON – Interactive Keyboard Symposium 2012, Goldsmiths

Von: John Drever
Betreff: Interactive Keyboard Symposium 2012, Goldsmiths
Datum: 25. Oktober 2012 10:54:04 MESZ

The Interactive Keyboard Symposium
9 – 11 November
Unit for Sound Practice Research
Goldsmiths University of London

Our symposium will concentrate on composition, improvisation, research, and performance of keyboards (piano or otherwise) with live interactive electronics and a special focus on the Disklavier.

The symposium itself costs £25 for the full weekend, or £10 per day; the concerts in the evening are free for the public. Members of the RMA (Royal Music Association) the full weekend costs just £15.

Closing date for registration is 5th November!

The symposium will take place at Goldsmiths, University of London at the Music Department (in the main building in New Cross, London).


Our invited keynote lecturers include:
Jean-Claude Risset, Directeur de recherche émérite, CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Marseille, France)

Detlef Heusinger, Artistic Director of the Experimental Studio, Freiburg, Germany

Roger Dean, Composer-researcher; director of austraLYSIS; research professor in sonic communication, MARCS Institute, University of Western Sydney

Gerhard E Winkler, Composer, researcher and head of CRIMMS (Center for Research in Interactive Music and System-Theory) in Salzburg, Austria.

Our invited soloist is Rei Nakamura, Multi-media solo pianist, Freiburg

Concerts (Great Hall):
Friday 9th November
Performance by Jean-Claude Risset

Friday 9th Novermber
Music by Roger Dean, Lauren Hayes, Marcello Messina, Jonathan Green, Tychonas Michailidis, Craig McCartney

Saturday 10th November
7:30pm, Performer: Rei Nakamura
Music by Gerhard E Winkler, Martin Iddon, Alistair Zaldua, Johannes Kreidler, Federico Reuben, Michael Edwards

Sunday 11th November 2pm
Music by Orm Finnendahl, Robert van Heumen, Michael Young, Nick Brown, Nathan Harmer

All concerts are free to the public and all take place in the Great Hall, Goldsmiths Universty of London.

Website for further information:

Organisers: Alistair Zaldua, Tom Mudd, Tina Krekels, Prof Atau Tanaka, Dr Michael Young and Dr John Drever.