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LÜBECK – From Organs to Organs — KISS2014: Organic Sound

From: Kyma Information Requests
Subject: From Organs to Organs — KISS2014: Organic Sound
Date: 2014 June 20

From Organs to Organs — KISS2014: Organic Sound

From organs (biological) to organs (musical), this year’s Kyma
International Sound Symposium (KISS2014), to be held in Lübeck Germany
on 25-28 September 2014, will explore multiple meanings of the phrase
“organic sound” through technical talks, live performances, and
hands-on workshops. Sound designers, composers, and live performers
are invited to participate in a wide range of thought-provoking
activities including:

An examination of how to emulate the organic sound of the analog
recording studio using Kyma, presented by composer/sound engineer
Greg Hunter of Dub Sahara

A special evening of “pipe organs like you’ve never heard them
before” in the experimental, virtuosic hands of master
organist/composer Franz Danksagmüller and his students

Intensive afternoons in /The Collaboratory/ creating and
rehearsing several world premieres including a live sound track
for a new film by experimental filmmaker Theo Lipfert performed by
faculty and students of the Musikhochschule Lübeck processed
through Kyma

A hands-on “plantification” workshop where you’ll learn from Rudi
Giot and his graduate engineering students how to control Kyma
sounds through the growth of living plants

Events will kick off on Thursday with the unveiling of a major new
release of the Kyma software and will culminate on Sunday with an
evening of dancing to Kyma beats at club Parkhaus. The full program is
online at: http://kiss2014.symbolicsound.com/detailed-program


About the Symposium


Hosted this year by Franz Danksagmüller and the Musikhochschule Lübeck,
morning of KISS2014: “Organic Sound” features technical/philosophical
sessions on topics ranging from voice processing, to sonification of
organic chemicals and the Internet, to organic growth and decay, to
how to build your own performance controller and use it to
control Kyma via OSC, to presentations by individual
composer/performers detailing how they utilize Kyma in their live
performances and installations.

Afternoons are dedicated to interaction and hands-on activities
including open rehearsals of collaborations-in-progress in /The
Collaboratory/, a workshop on Conduction ensemble improvisation
techniques presented by London Improvisers Orchestra trombonist and
Kymaist Robert Jarvis, exploring a 3D sound space with Lowell Pickett,
and the /Kyma Open Lab/ where Kyma experts (Jeffrey Stolet, Cristian
Vogel, Bruno Liberda, Scott Miller, Kurt Hebel, Carla Scaletti and
others) will be on hand to answer your questions and consult with you
on your current projects.

Franz foreground recording two percussionist

This year’s KISS features more live performances than ever before,
with concerts every evening showcasing some of the best work created
in Kyma this year, presented in the acoustically perfect MHL Große
Saal and the Jakobikirche Lübeck with its three historically important
pipe organs, famously decorated with faces on every pipe.

Check out the exciting lineup of presenters, composers, performers and
Kyma experts here:

Who should attend

organ pipes

who lives for sound — whether you are a novice looking to kickstart
your career, an expert seeking a fresh jolt of inspiration, or simply
someone who is curious about sound and Kyma — you will find in
KISS2014 a chance to meet kindred spirits and immerse yourself in
sound and ideas for four intense and inspiring days and nights of
non-stop discussions, interactions, music and sound design.

Here’s how Chicago-based sound designer and re-recording mixer, Dustin
Camilleri (http://www.pulsetrain.net )
describes his experience at a previous KISS:

/“…The unique thing about Kyma, I find, is that it appeals to such a
wide spectrum of people doing such an amazingly diverse set of things,
but sharing a common language. The conversations I had were so
incredibly inspiring; the performances I saw were just over the top,
and the community at large was just some of the nicest most genuine
people I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending some time with.”/

Registration and travel

Registration is now open:
http://kiss2014.symbolicsound.com/kiss2014-registration. Discounts are
available for students and for anyone registering before 1 August 2014.

For travel and lodging information, please visit:

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