[ 27. Juli 2010 ]


Von: nuova consonanza
Datum: 12. Juli 2010 17:00:52 MESZ

The competition deadline is extended to August 20, 2010 (certified by
the post office stamp).

nuova consonanza
in collaboration with
Edizioni Suvini Zerboni – Rai Radio3 – Conservatorio di Musica di
Santa Cecilia di Roma

Piano & Electronics

Associazione Nuova Consonanza, in collaboration with the Conservatorio
di Musica di Santa Cecilia of Rome, Edizioni Suvini Zerboni and Rai
Radio3, announces the XIII edition of the International “Franco
Evangelisti” Composition Competition.

The 2010 Competition is dedicated to Piano and Electronics and is
open to composers of any nationality and of any age.

Scores should be for Piano and Electronics.

The overall duration of the work should be from 7 (seven) to 15
(fifteen) minutes.

The piano can also be treated with live electronics and should be
written in the score; the electronic part should be from 2 (two) to 8
(eight) channels.

The following material must be sent by the candidate to the
Secretariat of Nuova Consonanza Festival:

1 – a complete description of the technical requirements for
performing the work

2 – a version of the eventual part for sounds recorded on Cd or data
Dvd with separate or interlaced tracks, AIS or WAV file format, 16 or
24 bit resolution and 44100 Hz or higher sampling rate;

3 – the score in printed form;

4 – optionally, a complete recording on Cd audio (two channels).of a
performance of the work; a MIDI simulation of the work may also be
sent if it has never been performed.

The composer undertakes to himself fill the role of technician/
performer foreseen in the score or else to appoint his own technician.
All the equipment required for live electronics must be supplied by
the composer except for the microphones.

All the material indicated above must be sent in 5 (five) anonymous
copies to the Association (viale Giuseppe Mazzini 134 – Scala B, 00195
Roma) not later than 20 AUGUST 2010 (certified by the post office

The compositions can have been performed already but must not have
been published or awarded prizes in other competitions.

Composers can enter several works.

Each score must be characterized by a motto and accompanied by a
sealed envelope, identified by the same motto, containing the personal
data of the composer (forename, surname, date of birth, nationality,
address, telephone number, e-mail if any, photocopy of identity card),
a detailed curriculum vitae, the receipt confirming payment of the
registration fee, a declaration certifying that the composition has
not been awarded a prize in any other competition and the written
permission for eventual radio broadcasting. The information requested
must be in Italian, English or French.

The registration fee is 50 Euro for each composition entered.

The fee can be paid by:

1) crediting post office account no. 99243008 in the name of
Associazione Nuova Consonanza;

2) crediting bank account in the name of Associazione Nuova

IBAN IT 06 F 03002 03219 000010653285 – BIC SWIFT BROMITR1719 ;

3) from abroad, a postal money order made out to Associazione Nuova
Consonanza, viale Giuseppe Mazzini 134 – Scala B, 00195 Rome Italy:

4) payment on line selecting website page:


Scores will not be returned but will be kept in the Archive of Nuova

The selected scores will be performed during the 47° Festival of Nuova

At the end of the concert, following the decision of the Jury which is
not open to question, the winning composition will be announced and
awarded the prize.

There will be a prize of 1.000= euro, divisible in the case of ex
aequo. The winning composition will be published by Edizioni Suvini
Zerboni and broadcast by Rai Radio3.

The Jury reserves its right (a) not to award any prize and (b) to give
special mention to particularly meritorious works. Only the original
Italian language text is legally valid
see the website
in the case of controversy, the sole competent court is the Court
of Rome.

Informazioni : tel. fax. +39.06.3700323

nuova consonanza
Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 134 – sc. B
00195 Roma
tel. fax. +39.06.3700323