[ 31. März 2016 ]

NEWS – Alexander Schubert – Supramodal Parser

Subject: Supramodal Parser

From: Alexander Schubert

Supramodal Parser

Dear all,

I would like to share with you the video trailer

of my new piece „Supramodal Parser“, which was premiered by Ensemble


and Mohna

at Wien Modern last year.

f1 trailer video

Click above for the video


the trailer.

The piece is for singer, electric guitar, saxophone, percussion, piano,

electronics (& haze and light). The one-hour piece examines different

aspects of ecstatic „letting-go” episodes through multi-sensory

scenarios comparable to those experienced at extended techno

events. File under „Post Rave“.

All further information and program notes can be found here


See pictures of the premiere here


In my recent piece „f1



a section in which a fake secondary literature is advertised to explain

what the piece is about. It turns out the secondary literature is not

fake after all. Watch the advertisement here

and order the book here


Take a look!

Watch a video

of the score for my piece „Sugar, Maths and Whips“ in the score follower




Ensemble perform Sensate Focus at Ultima in Oslo!



Ensemble perform Sensate Focus at Greatest Hits in Hamburg!

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Thank you for your interest,

and all the best,


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