[ 24. Juni 2016 ]

NEWS – Appel à oeuvres électroacoustiques / Call for electroacoustic works

Von: natcello2006-office via CEC-Conference

Datum: Thu, 23 Jun 2016

Betreff: Re : [cec-c] TR: Appel à oeuvres électroacoustiques / Call for

electroacoustic works


Association Octandre for electroacoustic

music in Bordeaux is preparing the 2016-2017 season.

You’ll find attached a call for electroacoustic works for

this season. Please share where you think it might be of

interest! Octandre was

founded in 1990 by Christian Eloy and the students of his

electroacoustic composition class in the Bordeaux

conservatory, and widely collaborated with the Studio of

Creation and Research in Electroacoustic Music (notably for

the three « Prix Scrime » competitions in 2000,

2003 and 2007) as well as with other associations in

Bordeaux. Currently, Octandre wants to reaffirm its

place in Bordeaux and to open collaboration in France and

abroad. A website is being designed, as well as a Bandcamp

profile which will make available members’ music as well

as Octandre CDs and, during short periods of time,

works selected for the associations events.

If you wish to become a member of

Octandre (or if you want any information), you may

write us at octandre.contact@gmail.com so that we send you the

subscription bill

(5,50€ via Paypal / credit card, or 5€ via check to

Octandre). Members get an invitation to our first paying

event and reductions on the rest of the season and our

paying items.

Don’t hesitate to write if you want to

collaborate with us, either!Waiting to

hear from you…


Marty for Octandre(octandre.contact@gmail.com)(octandre-asso.org

– upcoming website)