[ 7. Januar 2017 ]

NEWS – Application deadline approaching: the MS and PhD degrees in music technology at Georgia Tech

From: Jason Freeman via cec conference
Date: 2017 January 5
Application deadline approaching: the MS and PhD degrees in music technology at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is now accepting applications for the MS and PhD programs in Music Technology for matriculation in August 2017. All PhD students, and a limited number of MS students, receive graduate research assistantships that cover tuition and pay a competitive monthly stipend. The deadline for applications is January 10, 2017.

The MS in Music Technology is a two-year program that instills in students the theoretical foundation, technical skills, and creative aptitude to design the disruptive technologies that will enable new modes of music creation and consumption in a changing industry. Students take courses in areas such as music information retrieval, music perception and cognition, signal processing, interactive music, the history of electronic music, and technology ensemble.

They also work closely with faculty on collaborative research projects and on their own MS project or thesis. Recent students in the program have worked and/or interned at companies such as Apple, Google, Avid, Dolby, Bose, Gracenote, Pandora, Sennheiser, Ableton, and Spotify, and gone on to PhD studies. Applicants are expected to have an undergraduate degree in music, computing, engineering, or a related discipline, and they should possess both strong musical and technical skills.

Students in the PhD program in Music Technology pursue individualized research agendas in close collaboration with faculty in areas such as interactive music, robotic musicianship, music information retrieval, digital signal processing, mobile music, network music, and music education, focusing on conducting and disseminating novel research with a broad impact. PhD students are also trained in research methods, teaching pedagogy, and an interdisciplinary minor field as they prepare for careers in academia, at industry research labs, or in their own startup companies.

PhD applicants are expected to hold a Masters degree in music technology or from an allied field, such as computing, music, engineering, or media arts and sciences. All applicants must demonstrate mastery of core masters-level material covered in Music Technology, including music theory, performance, composition, and/or analysis; music information retrieval; digital signal processing and synthesis; interactive music systems design; and music cognition.

Both the MS and PhD programs are housed within the School of Music at Georgia Tech, in close collaboration with the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (GTCMT). The GTCMT is an international center for creative and technological research in music, focusing on the development and deployment of innovative musical technologies that transform the ways in which we create and experience music. Its mission is to provide a collaborative framework for committed students, faculty, and researchers from all across campus to apply their musical, technological, and scientific creativity to the development of innovative artistic and technological artifacts.

Core faculty in the music technology program include Gil Weinberg (robotic musicianship and sonification), Jason Freeman (participatory and collaborative systems, education, and composition), Alexander Lerch (music information retrieval and digital signal processing), Timothy Hsu (acoustics), Frank Clark (multimedia and network music), and Chris Moore (recording and production).

More information on the MS program is at: http://www.music.gatech.edu/academics/graduate/overview

More information on the PhD program is at: http://www.music.gatech.edu/academics/phd/overview

More information on the GTCMT is at: http://www.gtcmt.gatech.edu

To apply, please visit: http://www.gradadmiss.gatech.edu/apply/

To contact us, please visit: http://www.gtcmt.gatech.edu/contact-us