[ 19. Juli 2016 ]

NEWS – Audio Postcards Canada

Von: Raylene Campbell

Datum: Sun, 10 Jul 2016

Betreff: [cec-c] Audio Postcards Canada

The Audio Postcards Canada**online exhibition will launch on July 18th,

2016, in celebration of World Listening Day and R. Murray Schafer’s


Audio Postcards Canada is a project of the Canadian Association for

Sound Ecology. It is a curated online exhibition showcasing the diverse

acoustic features of Canada. The online exhibition consists of 16

compelling 1-2 minute “audio postcards” from across Canada that range

from field recordings, soundscape and electroacoustic compositions,

radio art, and various combinations of these areas. For more

information and the live link to the exhibition, follow us at




For information about the Vancouver, Yellowknife, and Edmonton events,

please see the poster below and kindly distribute this news through your

networks to interested listeners!

And get ready to listen online on July 18th when the website goes live!