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NEWS – [CALL] eContact! 18.4 – Notation in Electroacoustic Practices

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eContact! 18.4**–Notation of Sonic Art and Digital Audio Practices

Notation dans les pratiques d’art sonore et audionumériques

DEADLINE / DATE LIMITE: 30 September 2016

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You can put 150 marks on a note but it still doesn’t give all the


Vous pouvez bien placer 150 signes sur une note, ça ne donnera pas toute


–Joan La Barbara, interviewed by Kalvos & Damian

[E] We are pleased to now invite submissions for an upcoming issue of

eContact! on the topic of „Notation of Sonic Art and Digital Audio

Practices,“ with a special interest in critical evaluations and the

problematics of standardization of graphic representation.

A plethora of new and/or experimental approaches to the notation of

music or sound have been explored in the past century, resulting in a

vast range of styles and types of representation of sound phenomena. In

the electroacoustic (EA) domain in particular, not only the meaning of

the symbols has evolved, the role and function of the notation itself

has also greatly diversified. The notation must reflect as efficiently

as possible its intention, whether encountered in a performance score, a

listening score, a diffusion score or a mixing log.

For this issue of eContact!, we focus on notation specific to the

digital domain, to electroacoustic (EA), sonic art and other such

practices, with the goal of addressing issues that may indeed be present

in the instrumental domain but that have particular relevance for some

aspect of EA notation.

[CALL] eContact! 18.4 — Notation (deadline 30 Sep)

[CALL] eContact! 19.3 — Light+Sound (deadline 31 Dec), w. Nicolas Bernier


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