[ 5. Dezember 2016 ]

NEWS – Call for sound proposals, INTER- #8: sonic spaces in between

Von: Iain Findlay-Walsh via cec conference
Datum: Sun, 4 Dec 2016
Betreff: [cec-c] Call for sound proposals, INTER- #8: sonic spaces in between

CALL FOR SOUND PROPOSALS – INTER- #8: sonic spaces in between (surround, stereo, other).

Deadline for submissions is Mon 12th December 2016
INTER- #8 takes place on Thu 19th January 2017 at Stereo in Glasgow.

INTER- is a quarterly event series presenting sound art and experimental studio production.

We support 5.1, quad, stereo and are open to other ways and means.

These nights are about creating a focused, public listening context for experiments in / with recorded sound. We are particularly fascinated by the in-between spaces of contemporary sound and listening – between production and reception, between real and virtual aural environments.

We aim to support work and practices which might not fit easily into other performance contexts. We hope these events can help to draw together practices across electroacoustic composition, studio production and field-recording (amongst others) as part of the exchange between sound and music methods taking place across Glasgow and further afield…

For each event we prioritise submissions from artists working in the Glasgow area, but frequently programme work from around the world.

Previous participants include – Bethan Parkes, HMBKR, Mark Vernon, Matthew Shoen, Nikki Kane, Felipe Otondo, Jamie Cooper, Slavek Kwi and Linda O Keeffe, Nathan Quirk, Luca Nasciuti, Angus McIntyre & Nicola Reade, Roberto Zanata, Nicola Scrutton, Isobel Anderson, Paul Nataraj, Angus Carlyle + Rupert Cox, Rory Comerford, Anna Terzaroli, Seth Rozanoff, Jox Oiz, Lauren Sarah Hayes, Anna Terzaroli, Paolo Pastorino, Tim Cooper, Aisling Quinn, Adam Stansbie, Xavier Madore, Zoë Irvine & Pippa Murphy, Brian Connolly, Nikos Stavropoulos, J Simon van der Walt, Liam Slevin, Thiago Ruiz, Paul Johnston, Laurence Chan, Michele Del Prete, Tony Morris, David Philp, Matthew Grouse, Patrick Shand, Gordon Delap, Damon Lee, Nicolas Marty, Oliver Carman, Jamie Ferguson, Zubuntu, James Andean, Czech Vodus, Coryn Smethurst, Konstantinos Karathanasis, Adriana Minu, Alexander Bauer and Luis Valdivia.


Please send you proposal to Iain Findlay-Walsh at monostereomutations@gmail.com with the email title ‘INTER- 8 proposal’
by the closing date of Monday 12th December

including the following:
– proposal info – 500 words max
– any relevant links to work examples (streamable audio if possible i.e. we prefer to avoid downloading complete works at the selection stage)
– detailed tech requirements including file format and whether playback (laptop etc.) can be provided for your work
– brief artist bio

Due to the nature of the event (high tech requirements and limited audiences) we can’t pay artists for showing their work at this stage.

Feel free to send any questions to the above contact.

Thank you!