[ 4. März 2017 ]

NEWS – Crest – Call for works 2017 – Futura Festival

Von: Jan Jacob Hofmann
Datum: Wed, 1 Mar 2017
Betreff: Crest – Call for works 2017 – Futura Festival

For is 25th edition, the Futura Festival is looking for music around the idea of “narration”. Even though “music is powerless to express anything” (Igor Stravinsky’s somewhat provocative but no less profound sentence), we assume that it can emerge a kind of narrative that underlies it.
Indeed the sound does not say anything by itself, tells nothing, represents only itself, we often need to see its origin so that it takes meaning. But on the other hand it makes feel, makes imagine, it can create architectures that develop over time.
And finally the acousmatic has also succeeded in bringing something surprising to its use of recording, despite the will of its founder: the capture of the real, the possibility of bringing events (sometimes as complex as a landscape) and elements that become creators of stories, of imaginary by the simple fact that we recognize sounds and that they enter into relation to each other.
What we are interested to receive for this call for work are not pieces with classical narration (a music with simply read text, or melodrama, etc.) because for this, works of the acousmatic repertoire will be programmed. We search new approach of narration (here some possibility):
– by putting into relationship sounds that make sense,
– by the play on the possible identification of sounds,
– by the simulation of reality,
– by the incursion, the intrusion of it …
The idea of narration is mostly at the level of the form, the directionality of a “discourse” (or the absence of its voluntary directionality).

Required conditions :
–Only tape works accepted (acousmatic, musique concrète, radiophonic art, sound installation…), no real time or anything involving live instruments.
–Only two works by composer can be sent (no limitations for the works with video).
-Stereo works will be prefered (for the multitrack works, a stereo version is needed for evaluation purpose).
– Works must be sent to us by uncompressed file (no streaming) and by internet (wetransfer, dropbox, etc.) only to: info@festivalfutura.fr : it’s important that each file is correctly named: with author’s name and title. Send also your name, your adress, a short biography and a short notice of your works (max. 10 lines each).
–For works with video, it’s possible to send a DVD to the following address : Festival Futura-Nathanaëlle Raboisson, 46 rue du Docteur Léonce Basset, 93400 Saint Ouen, France.
Propositions must be sent before March 16 2017.