[ 29. April 2016 ]

NEWS – [Csnd] Csound Summer School 2016 Announcement

Subject: [Csnd] Csound Summer School 2016 Announcement

From: Gleb via Joachim Heintz

I would like to announce that Steven Yi, Iain McCurdy, and myself will

be teaching a Csound Summer School this August in St.Petersburg, at the

location of ICSC2015, the St.Petersburg University of

Telecommunications. This summer school will provide an immersive

fast-track course in Csound for both new students and for those wanting

to hone their Csound skills. The course will be two weeks long from

August 1st-15th, and tuition includes room, board, lectures, and

excursions in historical St. Petersburg.

Further information about the course is available at:


For questions, please email myself


Steven, or Iain. For those looking for college credits, the course will

eligible for 3 ECTS credits.

Thank you!


Gleb Rogozinsky, PhD

Associated Professor

Interactive Arts Department

Saint-Petersburg University of Film and Television

Deputy Director of Medialab

Saint-Petersburg University of Telecommunications