[ 20. September 2017 ]

NEWS – FETA Prize in Sound Art: call for works

Von: Juraj Kojs
Datum: Mon, 18 Sep 2017
Betreff: [cec-c] FETA Prize in Sound Art: call for works

Irma is over, the race for the FETA Prize in Sound Art is to begin!
Hope that you and your colleagues consider contributing to our call this year.

FETA Prize in Sound Art 2017

Presented by Foundations for Emerging Technologies and Arts


The FETA Prize in Sound Art was established in 2013 to promote a broad range of contemporary American sound and installation arts. Artists working within the sonic arts such as sound installation, sound sculpture, sound poetry, soundscape, robotics, net art and similar may submit one work each for consideration. The prize is open to any individual of any age who is a permanent resident or citizen of any North, Central and South American country. All submissions must be anonymous. The prize will include $1,000 USD, feature spread on the FETA website and presentation of the wining work at the Emerson Dorsch Gallery in Miami, FL*.

Submission details and a link to the electronic application can be found at:


Submission fee: $10


November 15, 2017 Electronic submissions deadline

December 15, 2017 Prize Announcement

Judging Procedure:

A committee of three preliminary judges selects 5 finalists. The recommendations are forwarded to the main judge who selects a single winner. The finalists and winner are announced.

About FETA:
Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts (FETA) is an organization established to cultivate composition, performance, production, and research of emerging electronic music, art and multimedia forms. FETA seeks to expand our understanding of the world around us through exploration and promotion of novel expressions that fuse arts with technologies. FETA’s programs have included the FETA Fest, 12 Nights of Electronic Music and Art series, Acoustica 21 series, SofIA, cybermusik.com and FETA@Miami Children’s Museum.

For more information contact us at kojs@fetafoundation.org

2016 MICHAEL BOYD: Confessional
2015 BRYAN JACOBS: Subwhistle
2014 NICOLAS BERNIER: frequencies (synthetic variations)
2013 TED APEL: Call & Resonance

*The work will be presented for 2 continuous weeks in 2018, given that such presentation is realistic. Exact dates will be decided in tandem with the gallery. The winner will be responsible for shipping the work to Miami and the gallery will ship the work back.

With the support of Foundation of Emerging Technologies and Arts, Emerson Dorsch Gallery, Harold Golen Gallery and the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners.