[ 26. Juni 2016 ]

NEWS – Invitation to Vortrag t. Carpentier, Meisterklasse Denis Smalley, MuSA Symposium and concerts

Von: Thomas A. Troge

Datum: Sun, 26 Jun 2016

Betreff: Invitation to Vortrag t. Carpentier, Meisterklasse Denis

Smalley, MuSA Symposium and concerts

IMWI Institut für Musikinformatik und Musikwissenschaft und

Landeszentrum Musikinformatik

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Invitation to the events in the week 27th of june to 3th of july 2016

Questions please to Thomas A. Troge: troge@hfm.eu troge@hfm.eu>

or Marlon Schumacher schumacher@hfm.eu

Thibaut Carpentier, IRCAM Paris – monday june 27 12:30

12.00-13.30-18.00 distinguished talk and workshop: Spatialization with

Ircam Spat

Masterclass Denis Smalley »Composition and Perception of Sonic

Spatialiszation« – june 28 to july 2, see below

Music and Sonic Arts Symposium MuSA 2016 – june 30 to july 3, details

see below and at


In detail:

Thibaut Carpentier, IRCAM Paris* – monday june 27

12.00-13.30 distinguished talk: Spatialization with Ircam Spat

14.30-18.00 workshop Hands-on Workshop on Ircam Spat

Hörsaal Schloss Gottesaue

Masterclass Denis Smalley »Composition and Perception of Sonic


Denis Smalley will start on tuesday 28th june at 14.30 (2:30 pm) to

18:30 at the MUTprobe 1 room.

on wednesday and thursday the masterclass wil start on 10:30-12:30,

break, then 14:30 to 16:30 or longer. Wednesday and thursday the class

will be held in the WRF = wolfgang Rihme Forum with a loudspeaker array

of 62 points.

on wednesday evening the class will go to the ZKM (center for Art and

Media Technology) for listening a concert at 20:00 organized by Gilles

Gobeil with canadian electro-acoustic music, performed in the „Klangdom“

at ZKM.

on friday is no class, instead the »Music and Sonica Arts Symposium«

starts at 9:00, and the keynote of Denis Smalley will be held at 14:00

pm. „The Composition and Perception of Sonic Spatiality«

The final concert for the masterclass will be on saturday evening at

20:30 in the WRF. Works by Denis Smalley as follows: »Piano Nets«,

»Fabrezan Preludes« Clarinet thread«

(There are more concerts in behalf of the MuSA Symposium, see below)

MuSA 2016 Music and Sonic Arts Symposium: Theories and Practises

The entrance for all MuSA events is for the participnats of Denis

Smalley’s masterclass free!

Time schedule:

Thursday evening starts the seventh MuSA symposium with an installation

by Paul Natraj and a short welcome concert at MUT foyer and MUTprobe 1.

18:30 installation, 19:30 concert.

Friday, saturday and sunday are the presentations, beginning at 9:00

to 17:30 with several breaks /coffe breaks and the wor keynotes: friday

14.00 Denis Smalley, satirday 14.00 Pieter-Jan Maes from IPEM Gent.

Sunday the presentatiosn will end at 16:00.

On both friday and saturday will be a *double concert:

19:30 first part, at MUTprobe 1 (performances by presenters of MuSA)

20:30 second part, at WRF (on friday: ENACTIONS by Sarah Watts and

Miroslav Spasov; saturday final concert Masterclass Denis Smalley)

More information will be available at


Any questions can be directed to Thomas A. Troge: troge@hfm.eu

Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Troge

IMWI – Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikinformatik

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