[ 21. Juni 2014 ]

NEWS – Marc Behrens News June 2014

Subject: Marc Behrens News June 2014
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2014
From: Marc Behrens

Marc Behrens News June 2014

The album Marc Behrens – Irregular Characters is now released as digital
Bandcamp: http://marcbehrens.bandcamp.com/album/irregular-characters

Eyephone 20 years/Availabel:
The entire Eyephone catalogue remastered by Atom™: a set of three
re-releases on the recently installed Availabel. Each album sports
almost 2 hours of playing time (almost double of its original length),
adding loads of unreleased material to each release. Eyephone
(1994–1997) was an Electronica/IDM project by Marc Behrens, who recently
collaborated with Atom™ on the «Bauteile» album (Editions Mego).
Together they had also released «Atom Heart & Eyephone – Micropossessed»
in 1997.
ala001: Eyephone – Devolution+ (15 tracks, released May 30, 2014)
Bandcamp: http://marcbehrens.bandcamp.com/album/devolution
ala003: Eyephone – Evergreens+ (18 tracks, released June 19, 2014)
Bandcamp: http://marcbehrens.bandcamp.com/album/evergreens
ala004: Eyephone – Reductive+ (21 tracks, forthcoming July 11, 2014)
«Devolution+», the third and final Eyephone album, contains the complete
versions of previously shortened tracks and six unreleased tracks.
«Evergreens+» features all the material from the original second album
and the «Greenhouse» EP, plus unreleased tracks from the same period.
Including one collaborative track by Eyephone and Basic Halo, two
Eyephone remixes by Basic Halo (who later became Clifford Gilberto and
signed with Ninja Tunes) and two more remixes commissioned by Asynton.
«Reductive+» is Eyephone’s original debut album, and includes nine
previously unreleased tracks that were not featured in the original CD

Palermo, Italy, 27 June 2014, 11:00 PM:
a concert by Marc Behrens, at Border Line, P.zza Fonderia/P.tta Tarzanà,
Palermo, Italy.

Le Train M, a remix by Marc Behrens of «Le Train muet» by hamaYôko, on:
«hamaYôko vue par…» CD, also including remixes by K.K. Null, Felix
Kubin, Midori Hirano, Dale Cornish, Nat Bates and Lionel Marchetti. This
release is available for pre-order from Entr’acte.