[ 21. August 2017 ]

NEWS – NES-Spectrale Max software available

Von: David Hirst
Datum: Wed, 16 Aug 2017
Betreff: [cec-c] NES-Spectrale Max software available

Software for “Timbre Hacking” the FFT.
Adapted by David Hirst from the patchers by Jean-François Charles.
V Beta-01, requires Max version 7.

Available via the link on this page:


Inspired by the work of Zack Settel & Cort Lippe (1994), Jean-François Charles (2008), and the GRM Spectral Transform and Evolution suites of audio processors, I have adapted the patches of Jean-François Charles (2011) into a set of FFT processing tools using Cycling 74’s Max environment, with Jitter matrices storing and processing the FFT. The idea was to explore the notion of “timbre hacking”.

NES-Spectrale-Beta-01 has been created for people who want to:

1. Open a sound file, or use live audio input, or both.

2. Record a portion of it in the frequency domain (FFT).

3. Process it in some way – in the frequency domain.

4. Render the result as audio, in the time domain.

5. Record the result.

Each NES-Spectrale tool is in its own folder. The NES-Spectrale suite is as follows:

NES-Interpolate-periodic: freezes two slices of sound and interpolates between their frequency content over the set interpolation period

NES-Multi-FX-05: lets you select one of five jitter effects to apply to the FFT matrix

NES-Playtwo: has two independent play heads that can be adjusted to play across different frequency bands at different rates

NES-Playfour: has four independent play heads that can be adjusted to play across different frequency bands at different rates

NES-Transform-Mx: uses the jit.mxform2d object, which performs a 2-dimensional matrix transform on an input matrix. It can be used to perform scaling, rotation, skewing, and perspective operations on the FFT matrix.

Attribution and Acknowledgements

In addition to the above people, please read the file “000-NES-Spectrale-Readme.pdf” for all attributions, references and acknowledgements.

If you give the patches a try, let me know. Any mistakes are all my own.


Associate Professor David Hirst, PhD
Honorary Principal Fellow (Interactive Composition)
Faculty of VCA and MCM
The University of Melbourne
Southbank, Victoria 3006 Australia
Ph: 0413 325 001
Email: d.hirst@unimelb.edu.au
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