[ 5. Juni 2014 ]

NEWS – new digital arts book!

Von: Cat Hope
Datum: Thu, 5 Jun 2014
Betreff: new digital arts book!

Hi there,
I am very excited to announce that the book „Digital Art: An Introduction to
New Media“ co authored by myself and John Ryan is out on June 19, on
Bloomsbury Academic.

Digital Arts presents an introduction to new media art through key debates
and theories. The volume begins with the historical contexts of the digital
arts, discusses contemporary forms, and concludes with current and future
trends in distribution and archival processes. Considering the imperative of
artists to adopt new technologies, the chapters of the book progressively
present a study of the impact of the digital on art, as well as the
exhibition, distribution and archiving of artworks. Reflecting contemporary
research in the field, case studies illustrate concepts and developments
outlined in Digital Arts. Additionally, reflections and questions provide
opportunities for readers to explore terms, theories and examples relevant
to the field. Consistent with the other volumes in the New Media series, a
bullet-point summary and a further reading section enhance the introductory
focus of each chapter.

A more detailed chapter by chapter overview is on the Amazon link above.

„Digital Art tendencies and terms, both contemporary and historical, along
with artists‘ innovations, both visionary and practical, are brought
together in this immensely readable and well structured study of those arts
of our time that have grown from the digital seeds planted in the previous
century. All the branches are there, and many of the fruits they have borne,
harvested with critical consideration and presented with scholarly insight.“
— Roy Ascott, President of the Planetary Collegium, Plymouth University,
and DeTao Master of Technoetic Arts, DTMA, Shanghai, China.

You can get it on Amazon here as paperback or ebook:


There will be a launch in Perth announced soon – i will let you know! In the
meanwhile, if you can think of anyone who may be interested to view a copy
for use in teaching – please pass it on! Review copies for those in
institutions can be ordered here:



A/Prof Cat Hope
Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts
Edith Cowan University