[ 15. März 2017 ]

NEWS – New Release | AmHwErM by René Muñoz Córdova

Von: renE
Datum: Wed, 15 Mar 2017
Betreff: New Release | AmHwErM by René Muñoz Córdova

I am so happy to share you my last and most recent release of electroacoustic music.

AmHwErM by René Muñoz Córdova: https://archive.org/details/amhwerm

​The Album AmHwErM is divided into four pieces woven into a dense musical tapestry of electronic sounds and concrete element of sounds. This album explores the relationships between random structures, tone clusters, and how musical structures alternate in sequence according to their relative intensities, disruptive force and spectralism.The work shows us how disparate sound elements can be fused together into a complete and captivating musical work.

The composer makes a large distinction between: voices, digital manipulation of the sound spectrum, composites of multi-layered sound of the metallic vibraphones and extreme dynamics are also used to accompany and accentuate the composition. For the listener, this work is fiercely difficult to assimilate, presenting densely layered random, drone, extreme dynamics and intricate patterns that require enormous concentration.

AmHwErM proceeds from homogeneity towards heterogeneity and shows how disparate sound elements sound may be fused together into a captivating and harmonic musical work.

I hope you enjoy it.