[ 16. Oktober 2014 ]

NEWS – New Release on Vision Of Sound: Charlotte & Mr. Stone: Live @ Café du Burgaud

Subject: New Release on Vision Of Sound: Charlotte & Mr. Stone: Live @
Café du Burgaud
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014
From: Simon Vincent

Dear DEGEM Members,

I am pleased to announce a new release on Vision Of Sound Records:

Charlotte & Mr. Stone: Live @ Café du Burgaud,
recorded 4th May 2013 in Le Burgaud, France,
featuring Sophie Tassignon (vocals/Loopstation) and
Simon Vincent (live FM and granular synthesis).

The entire album is available for download at CD Baby:

Individual tracks can be purchased via iTunes:

Best wishes,
Simon Vincent


As any performer knows, when a concert is billed for 8pm, you get
yourself ready to perform at 8pm, give or take.

So when after much intense waiting, Sophie Tassignon and Simon Vincent
finally went on stage as Charlotte & Mr. Stone at 9:20pm at Café du
Burgaud on 4th May 2013, there was only one thing to do: jump on stage
and give it everything they had.

From the slow-winding textures of „As Long As It Takes“, the playful,
who-knew-that-was-going-to-happen bestiary appearing in „Flic Flac,
Plique Ploque, Cric Crac“, the sudden intervention of a weaver from
Potsdam counting the step patterns of her loom on „Counting By Numbers“,
and the journey to another place with their self-built
„Crystalmirrorspaceship“, to the prayer-like moments the album’s last
track, these performances mark a very special turning point in the
creative output of Charlotte & Mr. Stone, in which they break out,
searching for new longer forms of improvisation, reaching for a more
intense emotional content, crafted by their impeccable attention to
detail, form, timing and interaction.

This is all-or-nothing music, which set the standards for the rest of
their tour and indeed for the rest of 2013 and which we’re proud to
release on Vision Of Sound Records.

We hope you enjoy it.

Vision Of Sound Records
October 2014