[ 7. März 2016 ]

NEWS – New Work and Documentation – Alexander Schubert

Subject: New Work and Documentation

From: Alexander Schubert

New Work and Documentation

Dear all,

I would like to share with you the video trailer of my new piece „f1“,

which was premiered by Decoder and Caravaggio earlier this year.

f1 trailer video

Click above for the video


the trailer.

The piece is for ensemble, two performers, video, light and electronics.

All further information and program notes can be found here


See pictures of the premiere here

and here


Other news include:

Watch a video

of Rob Young and me in conversation at Ultima Academy 2015. Talking

about „Sensate Focus“ and my general approach to composition.

Read a portrait text

about my work, written by Matthew Shlomowitz, published in the Wien

Modern 2015 booklet.

Upcoming and recent performances include:

05.02.2016 „Sensate Focus“ is performed by Ensemble Vortex Geneva,


11.02.2016 Decoder Ensemble concert, featuring my new piece „f1“ Paris,


16.02.2016 „Star Me Kitten“ is performed by soundinitiative Unerhörte

Musik, Berlin

23.02.2016 „Laplace Tiger“ is performed by Brandon Bell Houston, USA

25.02.2016 „Point Ones“ is performed by OSSIA New Music Rochester, New York

08.03.2016 „Star Me Kitten“ is performed by soundinitiative Cafe Oto,


11.03.2016 „Hello“ is performed by Quasar Saxophone Quartet, Canada

11.03.2016 „Sensate Focus“ is performed by Ensemble +- Maerz Musik, Berlin

28.03.2016 „Hello“ is performed Florence, Italy

31.03.2016 Lecture at Body sounds. Darmstadt, Germany

10.04.2016 „Infinite Jest“ is performed by Crossing Lines Barcelona

30.04.2016 Decoder Ensemble concert, featuring „Hello“ Kunsthalle, Hamburg

09.05.2016 radio feature, including interview and music of mine. SWR


12.05.2016 „Hello“ is performed by ensemble SCENATET Spor Festival, Denmark

14.05.2016 „Serious Smile“ is performed by „L’Instant Donné“ Marseille

15.05.2016 „Serious Smile“ is performed by „L’Instant Donné“ Marseille

16.05.2016 „Night of the Living Dead“ is performed by Zafraan, Switzerland

22.05.2016 „Star Me Kitten“ is performed by Switch Ensemble New York, USA

31.08.2016 Portrait PHD concert, featuring five pieces Kampnagel, Hamburg

All upcoming events can be found here


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Thank you for your interest,

and all the best,


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