[ 14. Juni 2016 ]

NEWS – NWEAMO-Tokyo 2016 Call For Works

Von: Kevin Austin

Datum: Mon, 13 Jun 2016

Betreff: [cec-c] NWEAMO-Tokyo 2016 Call For Works

NWEAMO-Tokyo 2016 Call For Works

The submission link is


Please tell us about the piece of music that you would like to perform.

Here are some guidelines & requirements:

• Generally speaking, we will favor works under 10 minutes in duration.

• There is a submission fee of $15 for each work that you would like us

to consider. Please make payments via PayPal to NWEAMOpayment@gmail.com

• Deadline for submission: August 15

• If your work is accepted, there is no cost for participation. NWEAMO

will promote your piece and provide the venue and sound reinforcement,

but does not have funding to compensate travel, lodging or performance fees.

Calling out to Boundary pushing singer songwriters, DJs, VJs, masters of

EDM, creative gamers, composers working at the experimental fringe of

pop electronica as well as contemporary classical music and multimedia art.

2 Cities:

Tokyo, Japan – November 12 & 13, 2016

San Diego, California, USA – March 16-19, 2017

The NWEAMO Festival will be traveling to Tokyo for the first time in

November. We are looking for participants in our two day festival. It

will take place in the heart of the famous Shibuya district this November.

Following that, participants will be invited to perform at NWEAMO in San

Diego in March 2017.

We want to invite artists from around the world who share our mission of

world unity through creative expression.

We are looking for artists who would love to present mini sets of 1 to

10 minutes, and who are excited about sharing the stage with as many

different genres as possible in a 1.5 hour concert.

The music can be purely electronic or electronics in addition to

acoustic instruments, using invented, traditional or electronic

instruments. It can involve projected images, choreography, dance.

We want to invite new entries as well as artists from our past American,

Mexican and European endeavors to collide and merge with the vast deep

currents of Asia. We are thrilled at the potential for new cross

pollination in our ongoing search for hybrid global art statements. What

can be born from the implosion and transfusion of opposite polarities?

Founded in 1998, NWEAMO seeks to present the broadest possible spectrum

of different genres and styles with the goal of bridging gaps,

dissolving boundaries and building a world-wide community of people who

are passionate about music as a universal language, and from that to

creating a World without Borders – where differences are honored and