[ 1. März 2017 ]

NEWS – „OPIA“ released now

Von: Monika Golla
Datum: Mon, 27 Feb 2017
Betreff: „OPIA“ released now

by Harmonie59
released now / bandcamp / february 26, 2017

„The ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.“
Opia is a 55 minutes non stop improvisation out from the Harmonie59 Sessions @ kunstortELEVENartspace, in March 2016.


Roderik Vanderstraeten (Sounddesign/Electronics/Theremin)
Scott Roller (Cello/Electronics)
Manuel Loos (Drums/Percussion/Electronics)
Christoph Sauer (Contra Bass/E Bass)
Sasha Shlain (Keys/Fender Rhodes/Percussion/Electronics)
Ingmar Kurenbach (E-Guitar/Mandoline/Effects)
Michi Meier (Moog/Effects)
Monika Golla (Electronics/Effects)

Musical Direction, Recording, Mixing and Mastering Roderik Vanderstraeten
Technical Support by Hees Audio and Tonetemple
Assistant Audio Engineering Lucas Buczilowski (SAE-Stuttgart)