[ 15. August 2016 ]

NEWS – Prix Destellos 2016

Von: elsajustel via cec-conference

Datum: Mon, 15 Aug 2016

Betreff: [cec-c] Prix Destellos 2016

The Foundation Destellos is pleased to announce the results of the

Ninth International Competition of Electroacoustic Music Composition.

First Prize in Acousmatic Category:

„Topophilia“ de Nikos Stavropoulos

First Prize Mixed Media:

„Titanium“ de Joao Pedro Oliveira

Second Prizes Acousmatic:

„Rollyphony“ de Sangwon Lee

„Las cifras y las palabras“ de Simon Perez

„clear“ de David Hindmarch

Second Prizes Mixed Media:

„Fororfrom“ de James O’Callaghan

„Particules“ de Enrico Fiocco


„De albures, chistes y entresueños“ de Damian Gorandi

„Kissland “ de Martin Bedard

„a place the night crashes against the sun“ de Daniel Blinkhorn

„Neshamah“ Joao Pedro Oliveira


„#AprèsContact“ de Vicent Gómez Pons

„Ctrl c “ de Adam Stansbie

„Bitartean“ de Guillermo Lauzurika

„Linea“ de Laurent Souilé

„Khemia I “ de -Demian Rudel Rey

The jury was integrated by Elainie Lillios (EU), Eduardo Polonio

(Spain), Andrew Lewis (UK), Eduardo Kusnir (Argentine) and Christian

Helm (Germany) and chaired by Elsa Justel.

As in former competitions the second prizes were granted by the

organizations : Motus (France), GRM (France), Musique & Recherches

(Belgium), Phonos Foundation (Spain), Amee (Spain).

There were 129 participants being selected the following works:


„Le bruit des soupirs“ by Roxanne Turcotte

„Les chants de la mer“ by Glles Fresnais

„Cubique“ de Maxime Perron Corbeil

„Ready about… Tacking“ by Xavier Madore

„AvianChimeras“ by Chester Udell

“ the_wolfs_glen“ by Andrian Moore

„Entre le son et la lumière“ by Mei-Fang Lin

„Voyage_eurasien“ by Mihail Yarzhembovskiy

„Baakal“ by Stijn Govaere

„Extase délicate de la mobilité“ by Daniel Arango

„Skins“ by Oliver Carman

„risonanze“ by Marcela Pavia

„Volt_#1“ by Monique Jean

„Polyphonic_Philosophy“ by Mario Mary

„El ruido de la conciencia “ by Hugo Druetta

„Rift“ by Martine Rositer

„Taches“ by Rocio Cano Valiño

„Khoisan“ by Leonardo Cicala

„Paysages“ by Marie-Jeanne Wickmans

„oftheswan“ by Pete Stollery

„Pulsacion y Explosion“ by Fernando Curiel

„Crackle“ by Alexis Weaver

„El gesto ausente“ by Raul Minsburg

„Xico“ by Daniel Hernandez

„La_Luz“ by Alejandro Albornoz

„Nvrsm“ by Sergio Perez Velázquez

„Ti(gh)TAN“ by Rick Nance

„El viento sera eterno“ by Nicolas Rodriguez

„Unstable_Orbits“_by Fred Szymanski

Mixed Media

„MaxOut! “ by Gustavo Delgado

„qop“ by Silvia Lanzalone

„Weird“ by Gabriel Urgell

„Rituel vert“ by Jorge Antunez

„Chakana“ by Joaquin Macedo

„tempora mutantur“ by Chin Ting Chan

„ciudad_invertida“ by Federico Halac

„Le train de la vie – Alison“ by Liao Lin Ni

„Rec-Order“ by Mariano Piñeiro

The Foundation is thankful for the selfless collaboration of the

members of the Grand Jury and congratulates to all the prizewinners.

It also appreciates to all participants for their interest in the