[ 18. August 2016 ]

NEWS – SOLID STATE and other news

Von: Alexander Schubert

Datum: Thu, 18 Aug 2016

Betreff: SOLID STATE and other news

Dear all,

This has been a heavy pedagogical semester as a guest professor at

Folkwang Essen and starting to teach in Hamburg and becoming the new

artistic head of the electronic studio at Lübeck. Thank you everybody

for the wonderful time, input, trust and conversations!

I am also about to finish my doctoral degree this year as well, and the

phd concert will take place at Kampnagel in Hamburg on the 31st of

August, as part of the SMC 2016. Join Decoder Ensemble and me for a

portrait concert with five of my current pieces.

I would like to share the video trailer for my recent installation with you:

SOLID STATE is an audio-visual installation, that deals with the

experience of rave culture and transcendence. The room is transformed

through light, fog and surround sound into a state of ecstasy and

hallucination. It uses synchronicity and shifting of visual and auditive

patterns – by that reshaping the perceived geometry of the room in

different ways.

The visitor is confronted with a situation in which he can’t see further

than one meter and can’t precisely estimate the features of the space he

enters, thus experiencing emotions of disorientation and letting go. The

intense visual strobe stimuli create strong patterns on the retina which

are continuously shifting.

Expect something between a cognitive experiment and post-rave!

Here’s all info on the piece:


After a very long time I made two mixes which I uploaded to soundcloud.

Check them out if you like.

Listen to SET A here:

Listen to SET B here:

On December 9th my new one-our concert installation „Black Mirror“ will

be premiered by Lucilin as part of the Rainy Days Festival in Luxemburg.

There’s only a very limited stock of tickets.

Several upcoming concerts coming up, which can be found here.

Thank you for your interest,

and all the best,


Alexander Schubert

Vorwerkstraße 11

20357 Hamburg


t +49-40-64792353

m +49-176-62522338