[ 13. November 2017 ]

NEWS – Sound localization study, McGill UNiversity, Montreal

Von: Kevin Austin via cec conference
Datum: Sat, 21 Oct 2017
Betreff: [cec-c] Sound localization study, McGill UNiversity, Montreal

… I and my colleague Tanor Bonin are are looking for audio engineers to take part in an auditory perception study at CIRMMT in Montreal. We are trying to reach a wide range of participants, so if you have contacts in Montreal who you think might be interested in participating please do forward this email on.

During the experiment, participants will be presented with sounds and asked to make judgements about their temporal and spatial attributes. The entire experiment lasts approximately one (1) hour, and participants will receive $10 for their participation.

We are looking for participants with no hearing problems.


We have openings at the following times:

Monday Nov 13
@ 9am, @11am, @1pm, @3pm, @5pm

Tuesday Nov 14
@ 9am, @11am, @1pm, @3pm

Wednesday Nov 15
@1pm, @3pm

Thursday Nov 16
@1pm, @3pm

Friday Nov 17
@ 9am, @11am, @1pm, @3pm, @5pm

Monday Nov 20
@ 9am, @11am, @1pm, @3pm, @5pm

Tuesday Nov 21
@ 9am, @11am, @1pm, @3pm, @5pm

Wednesday Nov 22
@ 9am, @11am, @1pm, @3pm, @5pm

Thursday Nov 23
@ 9am, @11am, @1pm, @3pm, @5pm

Friday Nov 24
@ 9am, @11am, @1pm, @3pm, @5pm

The experiment takes place in the Elizabeth Wirth Building (Sherbrooke and Aylmer), in the CIRMMT labs (8th floor).

If you are interested, please respond with the specific times you are available.

This research is supervised by Professors Catherine Guastavino (catherine.guastavino@mcgill.ca) and Ilja Frissen (ilja.frissen@mcgill.ca) of McGill University.

Thanks! & please forward widely.
Ky Grace Brooks
CIRMMT, McGill University