[ 1. Februar 2015 ]

NEWS – Sound Source Separation website is now live

Date: 2015 January 29 at
From: Christopher Kissel
Subject: Sound Source Separation website is now live!

As promised in a recent message, my new website, monotostereo.info
, is now live! The website is dedicated
to providing a collection of resources for those interested in upmixing
older mono music recordings to stereo through the use of audio spectral
editing, sound source separation, and related processes and techniques.

Of particular interest to subscribers to the Auditory list are the
almost 250 research papers and presentations in the sound source
separation, and related, fields which I have listed on several pages. I
had already started a Facebook page, monotostereo.info
, to post updates about the
website and to post related content. I will continue adding commentary
and content, as well as continue fine-tuning the website, as time
permits. Your comments, questions, and suggestions are most appreciated.
I hope that everyone finds the website informative and useful!


Best regards,

Christopher Kissel