[ 30. August 2017 ]

NEWS – SpatGRIS update to version 1.01

Von: Normandeau Robert via cec conference
Datum: Fri, 25 Aug 2017
Betreff: [cec-c] SpatGRIS update to version 1.01

The Groupe de Recherche en Immersion Spatiale (GRIS) from the Faculty of Music of University of Montreal releases the first update of SpatGRIS, a plugin for multiphonic spatial sound.

SpatGRIS is a multichannel sound spatialization plug-in available for the Mac in Audio Unit and VST formats and in VST-Windows. The free and open-source plug-in allows movement of multichannel sound sources on a variable set of speakers. Modes of grouped movement and a trajectory system are provided for spatialization of mono, stereo and multichannel sources. It allows the user to spatialize the sound in 2D (up to 16 speakers) or in 3D (up to 128 speakers) under a dome of speakers (in combination with the ServerGRIS, under development). The SpatGRIS started to be developed in 2016. It is a fusion of two previous plugins, Octogris (2010) and ZirkOSC (2012) and it is about 5 times more powerful than OctoGRIS. The first version was released in May 2017. The TouchOSC template (named Octogris3) works in the three plugins. Please use the Octogris Layout. SpatGRIS 1.01 is a small update that send an OSC code to the Server when an instance of the plugin is removed from the DAW.

We just released a new version, 1.01, with a minor change in the OSC code:

Find the manual at this address:

ServerGRIS is a dedicated sound spatialization tool in 2D (plane mode, X and Y axis) and 3D (addition of the vertical mode, Z axis). It includes a Speaker Setup design page and the movements are controled by an external OSC source, namely SpatGRIS, a plugin for Audio Unit and VST DAWs. The Server works on Jack and includes 256 inputs and outputs with as many VU-meters as needed. The Server has a 3D and 2D view window and offers the possibility of viewing the sound activity in the 3D window. The software is in its development phase and updates are published on a regular basis. ServerGRIS is a Mac only software.
The ServerGRIS can transform stereo DAWs like Ableton Live in multichannel sequencers, in 2D (octophonic system for instance) or 3D (with vertical axis). The VBAP is the first algorithm implemented in the Server, but there will be more to come (HRTF and DBAP).
Stay tuned.

Three operating modes:
• Free Volume. Free positioning of sources and speakers;
• Pan Span. This mode allows the spread of each source over part or all of the speakers with an integrated Pan Law;
• OSC Spatialization. Sends OSC control to the Zirkonium from almost any DAW.

New Features
• Brand new graphical interface consisting of five panels: The 2D Spatializer; Source parameters; Output parameters; Trajectories; Configuration panel of the plug-in, subdivided in tabs: Settings, Volume & Filters, Sources, Speakers, Interfaces
• Writing automation to source 1 only even in group modes. Other sources are slaves of the source No. 1.
• New trajectories and new parameters of existing trajectories
• Ability to use only a portion of trajectories: semicircle for example (Turn parameter)
• Ability to determine the starting and ending points of the trajectories (Set End Point)
• Integration of the joystick, the Leap Motion and OSC
• The size of the interface can be adjusted continuously
• Addition of Speed that increases or decreases in real time the speed of trajectories
• VST version Windows (not yet tested extensively, we count on you …)
• Otherwise, everything is faster, up to five times the amount of octophonic tracks compared to Octogris3, and more reliable.

Thanks to the team.

Robert Normandeau
Professeur titulaire de composition électroacoustique
Responsable du bac en musiques numériques
Directeur du GRIS
Faculté de musique, B-660 514-343-6111 poste 3486
Université de Montréal