[ 5. September 2016 ]

NEWS – TR singularities‘ first CD release

Von: Nicolas Marty

Datum: Mon, 5 Sep 2016

Betreff: [cec-c] TR singularities‘ first CD release


We are happy to announce the impending launch of /Singularities #1/

Digital Player on Bandcamp, coming on September 9^th 2016. As an

appetizer, Johann Philippe’s work /Rêveries Urbaines/ will be offered in

preview from Monday September 5^th . It will be possible to preorder a

copy of the upcoming CD as soon as Monday 5^th (before Friday 9^th , the

digital version of non preview works will still be delivered as a bonus

in case of purchase).


The CD will be produced to be distributed through postal services at the

beginning of December. /Singularities #2/ Digital Player will be

launched at the beginning of December, for a physical CD in February

2017, and so on.

Playlist for the first CD:

1.Nicolas Marty – L’Image-Temps

2.Johann Philippe – Rêveries Urbaines

3.Christian Eloy – La Cicatrice d’Ulysses

4.Virginie Viel – Nyx

5.Matthieu Guillin – Vaguer

6.Philippe Neau (nobodisoundz) – uRHuHhana

7.Gérard Pape – What (Hommage à Beckett)

8.Benjamin Aït-Ali – Dans Le Lointain , Résonnent Mes Pensées

We will begin talking about next CDs and participating artists in order

to give as much visibility as possible for the participants.

A general presentation article is published in La revue des ondes:


The Bandcamp Player:


An our Facebook page:


Don’t hesitate to share on social media or with your friends. The

Bandcamp player can be integrated (shared or embedded in web pages).

Musically yours,

Benjamin Aït-Ali & Laurent Chambert for Singularities