[ 26. Mai 2016 ]

NYC: [cec-c] MFA studies+new faculty at Brooklyn College

Von: Kevin Austin

Datum: Wed, 25 May 2016

Betreff: [cec-c] MFA studies+new faculty at Brooklyn College

From: „Douglas E. Geers“ …

Subject: MFA studies+new faculty at Brooklyn College

Date: 2016 May 25 at 9:13:33 PM GMT-4

Dear friends,

I’m writing to inform you that Brooklyn College has recently completed a

search for a new, full-time faculty member in the areas of Media Scoring

and Sonic Arts. We are excited to announce our new colleague, Professor

Jonathan Zalben. Prof. Zalben has written music for films released by

HBO, Lionsgate, Discover, Sony Pictures Classics, and more. He will lead

our new MFA Media Scoring program, with a focus on teaching students the

techniques and technological skills needed to succeed as a professional

in the field of scoring music to visuals.

Prof. Zalben also has interests and experience with interactive

composition, performance, and installations. His full bio is here:


Related to this news: We still have space for a couple more students to

join our debut class for both the Sonic Arts and Media Scoring MFA

programs this fall. We are capping the enrollment in the programs at ten

each and are excited at the high quality of students we’ve already

accepted. Anyone potentially interested to apply may contact me directly

at dgeers@brooklyn.cuny.edu dgeers@brooklyn.cuny.edu>.

Our MFA courses for fall 2016 will be:

MUSC 7015, Techniques for Recording Music

MUSC 7331, Sonic Arts Composition Lessons

MUSC 7341, Scoring Composition Seminar

MUSC 7342, Scoring Composition Lessons

MUSC 7352, Orchestration for Cinema I

MUSC 7370, Introduction to Music Technology

MUSC 7371, Computer Music I

MUSC 7375, Interactive Computer Music

Most of these courses will happen at the new Feirstein School of Cinema

in Brooklyn:


Other information about our MFA degrees is here:


Best wishes,