[ 22. Februar 2012 ]

ONLINE – Acma Beethoven’s microtonal minimalist timbral composition

From: „Warren Burt“
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 07:08:28 +1100
Subject: Beethoven’s microtonal minimalist timbral composition

This is just a splicing piece, but a very clever one:


It’s a chronological splicing together of the first 2 chords from
Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony from the 1920s to the present. What you
hear are amazing differences in tuning, timbre and envelope. It’s
only about 3 minutes long, but it’s a real ear-opener. For music
educators, I think this would be a gold-mine, for a number of purposes
– history of intonation, examples of changing balances in additive
synthesis (with the orchestra as additive synthesizer and the
conductor as balancer of the partials), examples of envelope shaping,