[ 7. Dezember 2014 ]

ONLINE -: ANNOUNCEMENT: Journal of Sonic Studies – New issue now available

From: Vincent Meelberg
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: Journal of Sonic Studies – New issue now available
Date: 2014 December 2

We are delighted to announce the publication of the Journal of Sonic
Studies special issue on Sounds of Space (http://sonicstudies.org/current).

Two years ago, to the day, scholars, artists, and musicians convened at
the Freie Universität Berlin to participate in a two-day international
workshop on Sounds of Space. In many respects, the event constituted a
venture into an under-researched topic, which was curious given that
sounds of space have been documented, studied, and discussed since
antiquity and experienced across a diverse array of sonic and
audiovisual media. Following the success of the workshop, organizer
William R. Macauley was invited to edit a special issue of JSS comprised
of articles based on a selection of papers from the workshop.

At long last, we cordially invite you to visit the JSS website to read
and hear the finely crafted collection produced by leading scholars
actively engaged in research on sonic dimensions of space. As an added
bonus we have included an interview with historian and theorist of the
media arts Douglas Kahn, and an exclusive opportunity to experience
Karl-Birger Blomdahl’s remarkable experimental film Altisonans. Hailing
frequencies are open.