[ 23. Oktober 2011 ]

ONLINE – csound conference on youtube

Von: joachim heintz
Datum: 22. Oktober 2011 21:25:54 MESZ
Betreff: csound conference on youtube

hi all

all discussions, workshops, papers and some other stuff from the
csound conference in hannover (septemer 30 – october 2, 2011) can now
be found at this youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/csconf2011

the videos include:

roundtable 1: technology
roundtable 2: community
steven yi: composing with blue
michael gogins: writing csound opcodes in lua
reza payami: csound – maxmsp translation
richard boulanger: introducing csound4live
rory walsh: developing csound plugins with cabbage
max marcoll: quince – new ways of modular music editing

andrés cabrera: python scripting in qutecsound
reza payami: csound and object-orientation
gleb rogozinsky: a personal view on teaching csound
peiman khoshravi: circumspectral sound diffusion
kim ervik/oeyvind brandtsegg: creating reverb effects using granular

massimo avantaggiato: pwgl – a score editor for csound
richard boulanger: keynote
joachim heintz: welcome
impressions (amongst them the sound installations)

other informations can be found on http://www.cs-conf.de