[ 10. Januar 2012 ]

ONLINE – Max Intensive Course for Beginners

Von: John
Datum: 10. Januar 2012 20:30:03 MEZ
Betreff: ONLINE Max Intensive Course for Beginners

7 weeks of Max (MaxMSP) training and 1.5 college credit for only $560
through Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt).
Starts January 23rd and runs through March 16th. You do not need to be
an enrolled MassArt student to take this course. Open to the public.
This ONLINE course can be taken from anywhere on earth, as long as you
have Max on your computer.
This course is for beginners in Max who want to create sound works.
No previous experience with audio, music or Max is required.
FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION VISIT: http://www.jeweltone16.org/SoundWithMaxMSP