[ 26. August 2012 ]

ONLINE – Point Ones by Alexander Schubert

Von: Alexander Schubert
Betreff: Point Ones Newsletter
Datum: 6. August 2012 13:52:07 MESZ

Two weeks ago my new piece „Point Ones“ for augmented conductor small ensemble was performed by Nadar Ensemble in Darmstadt. I want to share a video recording of the performance with you:


In „Point Ones“ the conductor is equipped with motion sensors and through this is able to conduct both the ensemble and the live-electronics. Most of the piece is not realized with traditional conducting but with cue gestures, that mark beginning of new passages – hence the title „Point Ones“. The aim is to be able to experience the live-electronics in an embodied way and to create a fully controllable instrument for the conductor. Because of that the piece does not use a click track or other timeline-based fixed approaches. Above those technical considerations the piece tries to play with the vocabulary of the conductor and the anticipations and traditions connected to those gestures. It is not always predictable what the result of the conductors movement will be.
The piece is part of a sequence of sensor-based works like e.g. „Your Fox’s, A Dirty Gold“ and „Laplace Tiger“, in which different interaction concepts with augmented instruments and performance codes are dealt with.

Also, I would like to draw your attention to our new ensemble Decoder.
Hamburg’s newest venture of sound, the Decoder Ensemble, performs music from a wide spectrum of contemporary styles, their means spanning from experimental instrumental techniques to groundbreaking electronics. Focusing on young composers from varied cultural and artistic backgrounds, Decoder is pumping a new energy into the contemporary music scene.