[ 14. April 2014 ]

ONLINE – „Reflections on Process in Sound“ #2 online

Subject: „Reflections on Process in Sound“ #2 online
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2014
From: Iris Garrelfs

Dear all,

The second issue of „Reflections on Process in Sound“ is finally online.
I hope you will enjoy reading:

– an interview with Brandon LaBelle by Anna Raimondo
– Tansy Spinks reflects on her process creating site- specific performances
– a conversation between Lucia Farinati and Claudia Firth considering
process on the cusp of curating and creating
– Rita Correddu, Elena Biserna and Lucia Farinati examine a project of
readings of ‘Autoritratto’ by Italian feminist Carla Lonzi
– an annotated journal entry by Maria Papadomanolaki


all the best
Iris Garrelfs