[ 5. Januar 2012 ]

ONLINE – some impulse responses

Von: Matt Rogalsky
Datum: 4. Januar 2012 19:13:41 MEZ
Betreff: some impulse responses

For anyone who can make use of them – some impulse responses I
recorded last year.

The first set is from the larger of two 19th century water reservoirs
in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. In recent years this has been a venue for
sound installations, produced by Singuhr Hörgalerie. The network of
circular brick chambers creates interesting echo patterns and long
reverb times.


The second set is from another structure also dating to the 19th c.
Fort Jay is an old military installation on Governor’s Island, just
off the tip of Manhattan in NYC. These recordings were made in various
rooms of its former ammunition magazine. Stone/concrete walls and
floors give fairly long reverb times. There are also two IRs from
shots fired in the courtyard of the fort, as part of visitor
demonstrations of Civil War era drills.


Free for non-commercial use… if you find a place for them, let me

I’ll leave these in my dropbox for awhile.

Matt R