[ 13. Dezember 2011 ]

ONLINE – video documentation Alexander Schubert

Von: Alexander Schubert
Datum: 13. Dezember 2011 16:40:41 MEZ
Betreff: newsletter : video documentation

Dear all,
a little newsletter, hope you don’t mind.

I’ve got video documentations for two new works online;
and I’d like to invite you to take a look, if you’re interested.

„Your Fox’s, A Dirty Gold“

„Your Fox’s A Dirty Gold“ is an interactive performance piece for a
singer with motion sensors, electric guitar, live-electronics and
„Fox“ is what you could describe as a modern pop song (a love song
actually). It incorporates elements of contemporary and experimental
electronic music in the domain of pop music.



„Bureau Del Sol“

„Bureau Del Sol“ two musicians, playing acoustic instruments, interact
with a third player controlling the live-electronics for the other two
interprets. This is realized by using a record player with a timecode-
vinyl as a haptic interface to control the custom-written processing,
which is solely based on the input of the two instruments.



Further information and material is available at alexanderschubert.net

Thanks a lot and all the best