[ 23. April 2012 ]

PALERMO – MARC BEHRENS: Artist Talk @ Accademia Belle Arti Palermo 24-4-12 H 12

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Datum: 23. April 2012 17:28:20 MESZ
Betreff: MARC BEHRENS: Artist Talk @ Accademia Belle Arti Palermo
24-4-12 H 12

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Accademia Belle Arti Palermo
Rete Sicilia per il Paesaggio Sonoro
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MARC BEHRENS – Incontro con l’artista (Artist Talk)

martedi 24 aprile 2012 – ore 12:00
Palazzo Fernandez – aula 10
v. Papiretto 20 – PALERMO

Marc Behrens works on several cerebral and physical levels.
His works mainly consist of concrete electronic music, installations,
the occasional photograph or video. Recent activities include field
recording trips to remote western China and the Amazon rainforest,
founding an incorporated company as a social art work, and staging a
rite of passage for an investment banker.
Behrens has performed and exhibited extensively across six continents,
and developed collaborations with Jeremy Bernstein, Ana Carvalho,
Bernhard Günter, Nikolaus Heyduck, Francisco López, Paulo Raposo,
Achim Wollscheid, among others.
2006–2010 Marc Behrens was a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts,
Saarbrücken, Germany (HBKSaar), and 2007–2009 at the University of
Applied Arts Darmstadt-Dieburg, Germany.
He is a member of the Frankfurt Association for Contemporary Music
(FGNM), the German Association for Electroacoustic Music (DEGEM),
Granular (Lisbon), subscriber to the Electronic Music Foundation
(EMF), and a citizen of The Kingdoms of Elgaland~Vargaland. 2003–2007
he was co-director of the Portuguese music label Sirr. 2011–2013, via
Granular, he is involved in Opensound, a European non-institutional
learning project.

Project Cloud/Could

„Cloud/Could“ is a work-in-progress, using sound material recorded on
23 passenger flights over three continents. They were made
methodically on many of the flights I took between July 2010 and July
2011, with one exception in June 2005. Some of the recordings did not
conform to safety regulations as they were done during take-off and
The bulk of these recordings, in terms of quantity, were made with
recording devices hidden in check-in bags of different types between
closing the bag and the reclaiming it at the destination, as long as
batteries and recording memory would last. On almost all occasions,
cheap handheld recorders were used.
During the recording period, my focus shifted towards the gap between
the popular image and technicalities of passenger flight and the
mythological and religious concepts of supernatural beings who descend
from or live in the clouds. I am successively filling this gap with
stories as well as defining the two fields, turning my prolonged
interest and the material I gathered into a palpable work. The history
of the work-in-progress is creating constant twists and potentialities.
„Cloud/Could“ is the complementary piece to a conceptual radio
composition entitled „Crowd“ premiered in March 2012 at WDR 3 open:
Studio Akustische Kunst/Germany.