[ 28. September 2016 ]

PARIS – Premiere / Création (Elizabeth Anderson)

Von: Elizabeth Anderson via cec conference

Datum: Tue, 27 Sep 2016

Betreff: [cec-c] Premiere / Création

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to invite you to the premiere of one of my acousmatic works

/L’heure bleue : renaître du silence /which is dedicated to the memory

of my mother. The concert, which is organized by the Groupe de

Recherches Musicales, will take place on Saturday, October 8 at 19h30 at

the Maison des Pratiques Artistiques Amateurs, n°4 rue Félibien 75006,

Paris in the frame of the festival Akousma (Saison Multiphonies 2016-17).

It would be wonderful to see you there !

Best regards,


Please find, below, useful information about the festival:

Festival Akousma

Dates : 7-9 Octobre 2016

Venue :

Maison des Pratiques Artistiques Amateurs

4 rue Félibien

75006, Paris.

The festival includes several concerts:

– Friday, October 7 at 19h30 : Concert Norvégien : Electric Audio Unit,

with the works of Arne Nordheim, Anders Tveit, Natasha Barrett, Tor

Halmrast, Frank Ekeberg and Anders Vinjar.

– Saturday, October 8 at 19h30 : Concert with works by Benjamin Miller,

Jean Schwarz, Francis Dhomont and Elizabeth Anderson.

– Sunday, October 9 at 19h30 : Concert Banc d’essai, with works by

Nicolas Jacquot, Joao Castro Pinto, Sébastien Pont, Vincent Guiot,

Mathieu Guilin, Gustavo Adolfo Delgado, Tom Manoury, Lea Tania Lo Cicero

and Nicolas Thirion, Raphaël Mouterde, Armando Balice and Julia Hanadi

Al Abed and Christophe Ratier.

Please find more information in the link below :


Elizabeth Anderson, PhD

Avenue de Monte-Carlo, 11

1190 Brussels, Belgium