[ 14. Juni 2015 ]

PLYMOUTH – NEW YORK – Robles – upcoming events UK – USA

Subject: upcoming events UK – USA

From: claudia robles

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am delighted to announce the following events; for those of you who

may be close to some of these cities, it would be nice to see you there!


(1) SKIN audiovisual installation with bio-data

SKIN is an interactive installation, in which visitors have the

opportunity to use the GSR interface. The variations of the values of

measuring their skin’s moisture are an indication of psychological or

physiological arousal, such as, for example, the appearance of stress or

relaxation. The values received from the GSR are further transmitted to

a computer in order to transform the sound and the images of the

interactive space. Visitors are therefore invited to participate in

order to make an impact on the audiovisual environment through their own

emotions and physiological reactions.

@ CMMR 2015 Music, Mind & Embodiment


Thursday June 18, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Roland Levinsky Building Jill Craigie Cinema

Plymouth University

Drake Circus




United Kingdom

CMMR 2015 Music, Mind & Embodiment

11th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary

Research, June 16-19

SKINfeatured as one of the great events in 2014:


The presentation of SKIN at the CMMR 2015 has been possible due to the

kind support of M.A.R.E – Media Art Collection.


(2) Là-bas… (There..)

Là-bas… is an invitation for the audience to submerge in an empty and

quiet space. The entire sound materials are derived from the recording

of the poem that gives the name to the piece. The composition is a

journey from the pure human voice spatialised to its transformation into

noise. This is the concert version of an original composition for an

installation of the same name, which was exhibited for the first time

for the period of 3 weeks at the Lutherkirche, Cologne in

August/September 2014.

@ NYCEMF Saturday, June 7

Concert 14: 1 -3 pm – Experimental Theater

Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand St, New York,

NY 10002


NYCEMF 2015 – June 21-28


Best wishes,

Claudia Robles – Angel