[ 11. Mai 2017 ]

RADIO – Acoustic Frontiers playlist April 2017

Von: Ralph Hopper
Datum: Sat, 6 May 2017
Betreff: Acoustic Frontiers playlist April 2017

Acoustic Frontiers playlist
Airing on CKCU-FM (www.ckcufm.com for live streaming), 93.1, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – for playlist and On Demand audio archive go to: http://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/46/info.html
12:30 to 14:00 eastern time zone, each Monday
Host/producer – Ralph Hopper
Email: ralph.hopper@rogers.com
Composers with EA/computer music compositions are always welcome [and encouraged] to provide a copy for airplay. Please contact me for information

April 2017 #590 – 593

Steve Peters Between noise and silence Composite Memory
Gregory Taylor Between noise and silence Tempat Bermain
Dino JA Deane Between noise and silence Turnstile
Chris Brown Between noise and silence Avatar
Martin Back Cthonic Hymnal Pendulum
Louise Rossiter self Culture Shock
James O’Callaghan Espaces tautologiques Empties-Impetus
Manuella Blackburn Audible Forms Karita Oto
Funf La Regle radis for the road
Keith Fullerton Whitman Soundcloud Tangerine Dream-Love On A Real Train remix
Ben Carey Soundcloud Critical Mass
Christian Carriere self Singing Circuits Vol 1 #1-#5
Drosera Rotundifolia/Rooms Delayed Soundcloud Last Train From Hidden City
Drosera Rotundifolia/Rooms Delayed Soundcloud Sand Hills
Drosera Rotundifolia/Rooms Delayed Soundcloud Stillness
Jon Appleton CDCM Computer Music Series vol 6 Brush Canyon
Ragnar Grippe Sand Part 1 & 2
Charles Quevillon Cache 2009 Frette
David Evan Jones CDCM computer music series vol 6 Still Life Dancing
James O’Callaghan Espaces tautologiques Objects-Interiors
James O’Callaghan Espaces tautologiques Bodies-Sounding
Erick d’Orion/ Martin Tetrault 1948 Par-dela
Ida Toninato Strangeness is Gratitude Hymne
Sleeping on Lotus Blossoms self Diarrhea of an Angel
Robert Normandeau Clair de Terre Malina
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay Quelques reflets Les trois petits c…

45north band – great Canadian music from the ’60’s to today
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