[ 1. Juli 2014 ]

RADIO – Acoustic Frontiers playlist June 2014

Subject: Acoustic Frontiers playlist June 2014
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014
From: ralph hopper

Acoustic Frontiers on July 7
Celebrating 8 years on CKCU in July
Jan 2002 – Sept 2004 and from April 2009 to now
Presenting a few of the works aired on the inaugural program
Acoustic Frontiers playlist
Airing on CKCU-FM (www.ckcufm.com for live
streaming), 93.1, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – for playlist go to:
12:30 to 14:00 eastern time zone, each Monday
Host/producer – Ralph Hopper
Email: ralph.hopper@rogers.com
Composers with new EA/computer music compositions are always welcome
[and encouraged] to provide a copy for airplay. Please contact me for

June 2014
Alcides Lanza Trilogy Penetrations VII
Alcides Lanza Trilogy Ekphonesis VI
Alcides Lanza Transmutations voo
Simon Perez self Gualichos
Manuella Blackburn Formes audible Cajon
Nichola Scrutton self Fretwork
Paul Dolden Intoxication by Speed Veils
Randall Smith The Ear Sees The Face of the Waters
Barry Truax/Russell Hartenberger Song of Songs Nightwatch
Daniel Scheidt Action/Reaction Squeeze
John Oliver Icicle Blue Avalanche Off the Edge
Manuella Blackburn Formes Audibles Spectral Spaces
David Berezan Allusions Sonores Badlands
Peter Grenader Secret Life/Soundcloud The Secret Life of Semiconductors
Nicolas Marty self Death Note – New World
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay La mare Still, Again
Andrew Lewis Au-dela Ascent
Rick Nance Soundcloud The Transatlantic Half-pipe
Panayiotis Kokoras self Magic
Christos Hatzis Byzantium Byzantium
Diego Garro sonus.ca Pangea
Nicolas Bernier Metamorphoses 2004 sans quoi les impermeables jaunes
Claude Schryer Presence 1 Vancouver Soundscape Revisited: Fire
Michael North Ottawa Processed/Rural Manotick Wind
Michael North Ottawa Processed/Rural Carp Leaves
Alison Chung-Yan self Donisi
Michael Plante sonus.ca Son[]lit
Marco Dibeltulu self Il Nastro di Mobius
Johannes Sistermanns self Blinman
Robert Normandeau Clair de Terre Malina


Acoustic Frontiers, each Monday at 12.30pm [eastern] at 93.1 fm in
Ottawa or http://www.ckcufm.com for live streaming and
archived programs Also co-hosting the jazz program Swing Is In The Air,
Sundays at 4pm
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