[ 3. Dezember 2016 ]

RADIO – FOLDOVER playlist (September – October, 2016)

Von: Tom Lopez
Datum: Fri, 2 Dec 2016
Betreff: [cec-c] FOLDOVER playlist (September – October, 2016)

September 22, 2016

Harry Partch The Bewitched – A Dance Satire: Scene 10 New World Records
Kerry Leimer Simple Hierarchies Palace of Lights
Samuel Pellman Spiral Galaxies: NGC 1300 Ravello Records
Peter Garland After the Wars: 4 Cold Blue Music
Chas Smith Twighlight of the Dreamboats Cold Blue Music
George Hurd Fulcrum Innova
George Hurd Hummingbird Innova
Marc Barreca Vermillion Star Palace ofLights

September 29, 2016

Taylor & Grosse The Velocity of Rumor Palace of Lights
Taylor & Grosse Beneath the Mountain Palace of Lights
Tom Johnson the 78 two-note chords XI Records
Tom Johnson the 286 three-note chords XI Records
Alireza Mashayekhi Shur Sub Rosa
Alireza Mashayekhi Panoptikum 70 Sub Rosa
Paula Matthusen Of an Implacable Subtraction Innova
Phill Niblock Didjeridoos and Don’ts XI Records
Ata Ebtekar Aka Sote Synthetic Overture (Satan’s Lullaby) Sub Rosa
Ata Ebtekar Aka Sote Micro Tuning Sub Rosa
Pete Stollery Serendipities and Synchronicities empreintes DIGITALes
Pete Stollery Still Voices empreintes DIGITALes

October 6, 2016

Barreca & Leimer all known musics Palace of Lights
Barreca & Leimer receding tide Palace of Lights
Joseph Bertolozzi A Thousand Feet of Sound Innova
Barreca & Leimer outlander Palace of Lights
Ted Coffey Petals 1, 2, & 3 SEAMUS 24
Batuhan Bozkurt Kun Sub Rosa
Alper Maral Sho Sub Rosa
Joo Won Park Large Intestine SEAMUS 24
David Shea Radio Weekend Sub Rosa
David Shea Exotique Sub Rosa
Nina C. Young Metal Works – Part I SEAMUS 24

October 13, 2016

Adams & Raskin The Double Negative New World Records
Chin Ting Chan time, forward SEAMUS 24
Korhan Erel Con-structure 2 Sub Rosa
Erdem Helvacioglu Resonating Universes Part 1 Sub Rosa
K. Leimer Aerial Palace of Lights
K. Leimer Stationary Image Palace of Lights
Scott Miller Contents May Differ SEAMUS 24
Elliott Sharp Venus & Jupiter New World Records
David Shea Alternation Sub Rosa
David Shea Memory Lane Sub Rosa
Nick Zoulek Rushing Past Willow Innova
Nick Zoulek Amplituhedron Innova

October 27, 2016

Sidney Bailin Wedges Ravello Records
Gregory Beyer Baerimbau Duo no. 5 Innova
Per Bloland Solis-EA SEAMUS 24
Chris Brown 7-6-5-4 New World Records
Hannah Lash Mièle New World Records
K. Leimer „allegory“ Palace of Lights
K. Leimer ritual thinning Palace of Lights
John Nichols III Gates SEAMUS 24
Mehmet Can Özer Plug-Out: Baliklar II Sub Rosa
Basar Ãœnder Diving Sub Rosa

FOLDOVER focuses primarily on electro-acoustic music though recordings of acoustic works are broadcast.

Music will be accepted and reviewed on CD & DVD; materials will only be returned if a SASE is provided.

There is a web site with information about FOLDOVER (http://www.timara.oberlin.edu/~tlopez/foldover/index.html); it includes playlists and information on how to find recordings of the music.

FOLDOVER is organized by –

Tom Lopez

77 W. College St.
Oberlin Conservatory of Music
Oberlin, Ohio 44074 USA
(440) 775-8748