[ 15. Mai 2012 ]

ROLF JULIUS – „Raining“ (CD by Western Vinyl)

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Datum: 15. Mai 2012 07:50:25 MESZ
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ROLF JULIUS – RAINING (CD by Western Vinyl)
Western Vinyl occupy themselves with the release of the archive of
Rolf Julius. They started doing so when he was alive and continue
doing so after his death, last year. This is the first release since
then, from his archive. Julius is a man of ’small sounds‘, making
’small music‘ in mostly empty spaces with a minimum of equipment. His
work could either be installations or compositions. Small speakers in
small or large rooms, or even outdoors, using field recordings of say
rain, such as the almost fifty-four title piece on this CD. Its very
minimal music, of rain sounds and ’something else‘ which I found very
hard to define, but it gives that electronic texture to the piece.
That something which I think also very much defines music by Julius.
More water like field recordings can be heard in ‚Weitflachig‘ – music
for a wide plain. Here too we hear insect like sounds, over water
sounds. Are they tape loops, real time recordings? Its hard to say.
‚Music For A Glimpse Inward‘ has
and bird sounds and was originally a piece for small speakers in a
large room. All of these pieces are very minimal, and show hardly any
development. But that’s hardly the point of Rolf Julius‘ music. Its
more about perceiving space and silence and it works best when played
softly in your space. Open up windows – if you are in a quiet
surrounding I should think – and have this on repeat for a long time.
It will definitely alter your perception of space and time. An
excellent release – once again, and hopefully with more to follow. (FdW)
Address: http://www.westernvinyl.com