[ 25. Oktober 2015 ]

S-HERTOGENBOSCH – De Toonzaal Studio for Electronic Music

Subject: S-HERTOGENBOSCH – De Toonzaal Studio for Electronic Music

From: Andre Bartetzki

Von: Telesoniek atelier

Gesendet: Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2015 19:28

Dear friends and colleagues abroad,

The southern part of The Netherlands has been influential during the

founding years of Electronic Music in the Low Countries;

Eindhoven with the Philips Natlab (Raaijmakers, Disselveld), and the

special studio for Edgard Varese (Poeme Electronique, world expo 1958


but also the studio at the Tilburg Conservatoire (Tony van Campen and

others). In ’s-Hertogenbosch the international flourished at the V2.

Now, after many years of relative silence, the electronic music

community in the south part of this country initiates a new impulse:

An Open Analog Electronic Music Studio for Experiment, Education, and



It features wide-band precision sound synthesis equipment, analog

computation, and both analog and digital recording, production.

It is focussed on specialized techniques for both manual (or classic)

and voltage controlled analog synthesis and sound design.

The studio will be wired with its‘ concert hall to enable unique

combinations of live stage performance with pre-recorded performances.

The studios‘ artistic goal is to be open to any style and branch of

current music, and as such seeks to aid and raise quality in

improvisation, and composition.

In terms of education and research this studio will also serve as a

centre to gather, maintain, and propagate the body of synthesis.

The studio is carried by a team of dedicated studio technicians,

teachers, and composers with decades of experience in this field.

The first productions have started already.

We do invite you for a visit or work at the studio, to become our

partner for possible projects and/or student exchange programs, specific

information if needed.

We hope to welcome you in our music centre De Toonzaal in the city of



And finally, we do hope you will spread the word! Do share and post

it! Thank you 🙂

Hope to see you soon,

Kind regards,

Hans Kulk

De Toonzaal Studio for Electronic Music