[ 4. Juli 2010 ]

SOFTWARE – Alpha release of CECILIA 4.01 (15th anniversary edition)

Von: Jean Piché
Datum: 2. Juli 2010 20:31:27 MESZ
Betreff: [ANNOUNCING] Alpha release of CECILIA 4.01 (15th anniversary


Cecilia is the legendary front end for Csound that was released on the
SGI platform 15 years ago. CECILIA is an editor, a sound production
environment, a graphical interface and a library of complex sound
processing modules. Over the years and as time allowed, many versions
for many platforms were released. CECILIA’s true charms were revealed
to those users who took the time to get to know her well. CECILIA is
one of electroacoustic music’s best kept secrets. Temperamental she
is, but her passionate disposition is a composer’s true muse.

Be that as it may, you will be pleased to know that CECILIA has been
revamped (so to speak) over the past two summers. After a false launch
last fall, we are back at it with a considerably improved version.

This is still an alpha release, meaning that the definite and enhanced
bombshell will likely premiere sometime in late August.

CECILIA disports herself in Windows and OSX while Linux adepts can
easily get her to dance from the sources.

CECILIA is pure Python.

CECILIA 4.01a is available here:

Some release notes:

If you run an existing version of Cecilia, trash it or rename it.
For OSX, CECILIA installs the whole shebang. No need to install Csound.
For Windows, you need to install Csound (latest version as much as
Only stereo modules are currently offered.
The Function generators are presently basic. Many enhancements are
CECILIA has no documentation but you have an imagination.

We WOULD LOVE to hear about your experiences with the girl.
To that end you can fill reports here (please do not abuse with


Here’s hoping you have a pleasant date.

Jean Piché
Olivier Bélanger
Dominic Thibault
Jean-Michel Dumas

Université de Montréal