[ 21. Mai 2016 ]

SOFTWARE – [cec-c] New version: OctoGRIS 3.02

Von: Normandeau Robert

Betreff:[cec-c] New version: OctoGRIS 3.02

Datum: Fri, 20 May 2016


The Groupe de Recherche en Immersion Spatiale (GRIS) from the Faculty

of Music of University of Montreal present a new */OctoGRIS /*version 3,

a plugin for multiphonic spatial sound.

OctoGRIS3 is a partial rewrite of the plugin with lots of new features.

It is retro compatible with version 2.

Octogris Version 3.02

In this release, the VU Metres become inactive while you write

automation with the plugin, whether you are in manual mode or trajectory


The VU Metres become active again on playback.

The fact that the VU Metres become inactive allows a better drawing

of the automation curves.

OctoGRIS3 is an open source plugin available with manual (in French or

English) on SourceForge:


Thanks to the team.


Robert Normandeau

Vice-doyen aux études en création et technologie

Professeur titulaire de composition électroacoustique

Faculté de musique, B-660, 343-6111 poste 3486

Université de Montréal