[ 11. Juni 2010 ]

SOFTWARE – Free Impulse Responses (and a paper to explain why)

-sciss- (siehe Email unten) ist unser DEGEM Mitglied Hanns Holger Rutz!

Von: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay
Datum: 10. Juni 2010 19:35:16 MESZ
Betreff: [Sanlist] Free Impulse Responses (and a paper to explain why)

Dear all

After many months of doing something else, I have finally finished to
deconvolve the sweeps we did for my research project Thinking Inside
the Box in a non-proprietary format (24bitWAV@48kHz) thanks to –
sciss-’s amazing and free FScape software, and to the libsndfile for
the pre- and post-processing.

The interesting bit is that we have measured five brands of
loudspeakers (plus a sub), in five different stage positions, with
five different microphone setups. It should be interesting for people
who are curious about space in music, and/or for mixing purpose too.
The hall is the Phipps hall, in the University of Huddersfield’s new
Creative Arts Building, where the next ICMC will be held!

The loudspeakers are Bellecour360, BoseL1mk2, Genelec1037,
Mackies450mk1, Meyer UP-J 1P, and a Meyer M1D-sub. A good combination
of commercially available studio, PA and radiating loudspeakers.

The stage positions were Left, Centre-Left, Centre, Centre-Right and

The five destinations were on-axis XY (matched DPA 4011s), on-axis 5.0
(matched DPA 4006s-11s in a decca tree), on-axis binaural (Neumann
KU100), off-centred AB (matched DPA 4006s) and off-centred XY (matched
DPA 4021s). You can take the 5.0 L and R to make an on-axis AB if you
miss it 😉

For more information on the primary use of them, please refer to the
published ICMC paper entitled ‚Thinking Inside the Box: A New
Integrated Approach to Mixed Music Composition and Performance‘
available online at the same repository.

The executive resumé is: please do mixed music in the studio through
IRs of halls so you can see how you mix will port for everyone in the
room who paid for a ticket, not just the 5 who are lucky enough to be
in the sweet spot 😉

That kind of work would have not been possible without AHRC and
HEFCE’s SRIF help, and the patience of my postdoc assistant, and the
support of my institution.

the IRs are available for free to download at the same address than
the paper


Comments are welcome, and feel free to share the link.

au plaisir